NGL Plant

Completion of a full NGL plant FEED ready for EPC Tendering

NGL Feed

Completion of a full NGL plant FEED ready for EPC Tendering

NGL Plant Front End Engineering Design

Project Management and assurance of Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the various contractors, on behalf of the operator.

FEED for the expansion scope involving modular equipment vendor.  (Inlet Separation and Compression, Molecular Sieve Dehydration, Cryogenic Plant, Debutanizer Plant and Utilities)

Project Scope


Location: Russia

Project Date: 2015 - 2017

Contract Value: $12.5 mln USD

Contract Service:

  • Feasibility & Concept Select
  • FEED
  • Early in the project, information is scarce and the uncertainty high.
  • We excel at identifying key areas to focus on to avoid un-neccessary work.

Project Key Learnings

Atticus Energy understands the importance of Front End Loading and having the right studies to support Development strategy and plans.

Understand Project Drivers

We embed our professions into your project to fully understand what your project drivers are. This is essential for us to develop a strategy to deliver the appropriate and fit for purpose front end studies.

Know the Plant

Whether it is a complete new greenfield plant or brownfield, it is essential to understand the interfaces to existing plants or infrastructure. Having a good understanding of those are vital inputs.

Open Minded

Front end studies need a degree of open-mindedness towards new ideas and concepts. This will allow the project to fully explore all the solution space. 

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